Janet is an outstanding coach, an inspired entrepreneur and a woman of vision, integrity and great kindness. I am often asked for coaches to recommend and Janet is the only one I ever do as I’ve simply never met another one who comes close! We’ve known each other for seven years, initially meeting at an entrepreneurial event, and have since become firm friends. During that time, we’ve supported each other as we’ve each bootstrapped our visions into into heart-centred entrepreneurial ventures with a passion for people and a commitment to integrity at their core. If you have the chance to work with Janet, grab it with both hands (and do so quickly, as she’s rarely available!)
— Jody Day - Thought leader on female involuntary childlessness. Founder at Gateway Women.

I have worked with Janet on several different programmes over the last couple of years and find her to be a really inspirational coach and mentor. Whether she is working with Industry professionals, MSc students or young students looking for insights and support in to leadership and entrepreneurial skills, she commands the room, is clear and focused and delivers her programmes with a wealth of experience and insights, but also compassion for the individuals under her tutelage. She also has a lovely warmth and positive vibe she is able to infuse in to her work.
— Kathy Jowitt - Programme Manager: Education at Climate-KIC

It’s a pleasure working with Janet. She has amazing well rounded knowledge; from developing the business strategy to training you to become a good leader.

She helped me define who I needed in the team, interviewing people, leading the team, how to negotiate with potential clients. She also helped me improve my work-life balance and overcome personal doubt that I faced.

I would highly recommend working with Janet. She will makes you become the best leader you could possibly be.
— Pae Natwilai - Entrepreneur | Creative Technologist | Forbes 30 Under 30

Janet is a wonderful person and great business coach in all aspects with significant experience with startups! She has relevant knowledge and skills to put in practice many different strategies to develop the right team and atmosphere, investment and partnership plans for any business! Many thanks for the support you provide to ApTap we really do appreciate it! :)
— Nadal - CEO, ApTap